Four Star Studios and Skelton Crew Studio partner for ‘Revival’ bust

LITCHFIELD, Maine — Tim Seeley and Mike Norton from Four Star Studios and Skelton Crew Studio are excited to announce a new mini-bust starring “Revival”’s badass heroine Em Cypress. “It’s been one of our favorite reads for a while and hooked us right from the beginning,” said Skelton Crew Studio head Israel Skelton. “The art is simply stunning and the story is a wild ride. We’re psyched to be working with Tim and Mike.” Em will stand just over six inches tall, wearing her signature hoodie. She’ll be holding a blood-spattered scythe with a creep clung to her back on a base of pure Wausau snow. Look for the limited edition resin mini-bust to debut in the fall of 2016. Personally, this is a dream come true,” said Norton. “Having a statue made of a character near and dear to me is so exciting. To have it made by these guys is icing on the cake Check out for work-in-progress shots and release details as they become available. About Four Star Studios Four Star Studios is a Chicago collective of artists with a passion for comics.  Deeds. Not words.  is our motto, and it shows in the prolific creativity of each studio member. For more: About Skelton Crew Studio Based in the wilds of Maine, Skelton Crew has the exclusive license to create 1:1 prop replicas, plush, statues and vinyl from some of the hottest reads in indie comics like “Locke & Key,” “CHEW,” “Hellboy,” “Mouse Guard,” “The Stuff of Legend” and “Killogy.” The studio, founded in 2008, has created a name for itself by working closely with creators to produce high-quality, limited edition collectibles. For more:
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Colby vs. Savoy: YOU DECIDE!

On the heels of the sold out Tony Chu and Poyo mini-busts from "CHEW," we're wrestling with which fabulous character to capture in resin next. So we'd like you to decide. We're putting it up to a fan vote! Artist Rob Guillory's concept art for both is below. Savoy would stand a whopping 7 3/4 inches tall, balanced on a McBeefy box, and John would stand 7 1/2 inches tall, popping out of a Mother's Clucker's bucket of chicken. (Can we tell you how much we love this book? And Rob? And Layman? So much.) Due to his height and girth, Savoy would retail for around $98, and due to John's sexiness, he'd retail for around $92. You know? We'll throw in the sexiness for free. But he'll still retail for around $92. Both prices are BALLPARK. Just trying to give you a sense of cost and trying to get a sense of who you're clamoring to see first. Follow this link HERE to vote for the next week and we'll post results soon! The Crew    
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Happy Everything!

From our Crew to yours, hope whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, that it's an awesome one. The Crew
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Death Creams. You. Bacon underwear. We’re grateful for a lot this Thanksgiving.

Just a quick bit of Black Friday business first: We'll be going live with the Thadreian Frog from our B.P.R.D. Artifact Archive Collection at midnight on Friday with pre-orders signed by the amazing Guy Davis. Like our other two new releases this week — Fly By Night onesies and toddler tees in our Skelton Crew Collection with C.P. Wilson III and the "C is for Cthulhu" plush/board book/signed exclusive combo — there's free shipping 'til Cyber Monday! But before then, we relax, eat and reflect. We took a quick survey among Crew members today about what they're thankful for this year. First and foremost, YOU. We couldn't create any of this if it weren't for your awesomeness, so thank you, sincerely. After that, the list gets a little, well, eclectic. But in a great way. From our Marketing Director Jarrett Melendez: "I'm thankful for my boyfriend, Stuart. He sticks by me through my crazy work schedule, is always ready to help pick up my slack when I'm too tired to do house stuff, and seeing him happy is all I ever want. I'm also thankful for the coffee shop down the street and their signature Death Creams. I don't know what actually goes in them besides cold brew coffee and cream, but boy do they taste good. Like, really good." Our graphic design goddess Bethany Jourdan Lacroix is grateful for a 2-year-old who's pooing in the toilet. Studio head Israel Skelton is grateful that George Lucas isn't directing the new "Star Wars" — and even more grateful to live in a country where something that trivial matters. I'm grateful for our two little guys: They are wild and they are wonderful, often in the same split second. I'm also grateful that today I found out that J&D's bacon-scented underwear exists, because, DAMN. It only confirms we live in amazing times. From us to you, Happy Thanksgiving and hope however you celebrate, it's an awesome day. Kathryn  
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September photo contest: Dodge lives!

"Locke & Key" fan Joseph Munisteri absolutely nailed Dodge's look and vibe. (And is that a Shadow Key tat we spy on his arm?) How much do we love this? Let us count the ways. Cosplaying? Love. Attention to detail? Love. Nightmare-inducing? Love. Sleep tight and keep those pics coming for a chance to win a $50 studio gift certificate! C'mon, show us how you #SkeltonCrew! The Crew            
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July and August photo contest: ‘Pew, pew, pew’

Among the signs that it's been a crazy busy summer: We're finally announcing the winners of our July and August #SkeltonCrew photo contest! Congrats to TheSamWicked for July and Toshi Satake for August! LOVE how Sam set up a playful scene and that Toshi took his Patriotic Chog a travelin' (AND included a little onomatopoeia that I can completely picture a Chog chirping out.) Honorary shout-out to Donald Wygal for his super cool shadow box that also features "Locke & Key" hardcovers peeking out the sides. Keep the pictures coming for a chance to win a $50 Skelton Crew Studio gift certificate and show us how you #SkeltonCrew! We've already had a sneak-peek at a cosplay entry for next month, and, DAMN. The Crew  
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Boston Comic Con!!!

We had such an amazing time last weekend! A HUGE thanks for all the kind words. We absolutely loved that so many people stopped by to introduce themselves. Slogging away in the studio up here in the wilds of Maine can feel a little isolating sometimes; it's awesome to be able to bust out and see why we do what we do, and how people dig it. Some of our favorite pics of the show are below!* * Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera out to grab shots of the people cosplaying at Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. You'll just have to trust me. Epic. The Crew
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New York, NY – Skelton Crew Studio, the sculpting house responsible for creating an array of high-end, limited edition replicas based on award-winning comics properties such as Locke &Key, Hellboy and CHEW, is excited to announce a new partnership with acclaimed comics creator Alan Robert to produce an exclusive line of collectables based on his hit comic Killogy (IDW Publishing). The first products from the collection will make their debut at Boston Comic Con, July 31 - August 2, 2015. Two 16 oz. etched Killogy Pint Glasses will be available for purchase at Skelton Crew Studio's booth (D517), retailing at $10.99 each. One design features the voodoo artwork found in the comic, circled by an ominous warning of the impending apocalypse, and the other displays a bold Killogy skull logo. Each glass comes complete with a full-color, double-sided "Voodoo Brew" Drink Recipe Card, designed by Robert, using his signature artwork. So have a drink before the dead begin to rise from their graves — it just may be your last! More products are already in the pipeline and are expected for an early 2016 release, including a plush severed head based on the sarcastic, wisecracking Killogy character One-Eye Tessio. Fans of the comic will not be surprised to discover that One-Eye comes packaged inside his trusty Italian Ices container, just like in the books. “Killogy is such an original concept and an amazing read,” said Skelton Crew Studio head Israel Skelton. “Alan is a huge talent and clearly an idea machine. We couldn’t be more stoked to be working with him.” Robert adds, "With a roster filled with comics greats like Mignola, Templesmith, Hill & Rodriguez, and Layman & Guillory, I am extremely humbled and flattered to be welcomed into the Skelton Crew family! They produce some of the best replicas I've seen around and they are completely dedicated to bringing each creator's vision to life." Killogy received critical acclaim and was named one of Bloody Disgusting's Top 5 Best Mini-Series of 2013. It received two Ghastly Awards nominations and picked up a Horror Comic Award from The Horror News Network. The apocalyptic dark comedy is now in development to become an animated series starring Frank Vincent (Goodfellas, The Sopranos), Marky Ramone (the Ramones), Brea Grant (Heroes) and Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (of the Misfits fame). The celebrities all appeared inside the pages of the comic as well. In May, Rolling Stone posted a six-minute animated teaser. The animation was produced by Robert's Wasted Talent Entertainment, in association with Squeeze Studio Animation and Rodney Barnes, the producer of The Boondocks. Check it out at   About Alan Robert Alan Robert is best known for being the primary-songwriter and bassist for the respected hard rock group Life of Agony for over two decades. LOA recorded several studio albums for Epic/Sony and Roadrunner Records, developing a cult following in the process. The band has shared the stage with the biggest names in rock, including Kiss, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. The group has headlined concerts as large as 500,000 people in attendance. In recent years, Robert has made a name for himself by creating several hit horror comic properties published by IDW Publishing. Titles include Killogy, Crawl to Me, Wire Hangers, and the upcoming death angel epic The Shunned One. For more information about Alan Robert, visit: Follow Alan Robert on Twitter: @arobert For all press inquiries, please contact: Kahlil Schweitzer, Public Relations for IDW Publishing About Skelton Crew Studio Founded in 2008 in the wilds of Maine, Skelton Crew Studio and its limited edition, high-end replicas and collectibles have been featured on G4's “Attack of the Show,” the Onion’s A.V. Club, MTV Geek, Comics Alliance, Bleeding Cool and many more outlets. The studio has built a reputation for fine quality, hand-craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail. Earlier this month it released Gwendolyn’s Pike-Axe and Devlin’s Shield from David Petersen’s acclaimed “Mouse Guard.” Up next: one badass plush cybernetic rooster from “CHEW.” Check Skelton Crew’s website,, for more pictures, news and “Killogy”-related updates in the coming months.  
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Along came a spider

The spider's name is Blanche. (Drops mike.) Because how can a spider named Blanche, about to use an Animal Key, NOT be our monthly photo contest winner? We'd be remiss though if we didn't also give honorary mention props to the glorious patriotic Chog shot below, too. Given the upcoming holiday, given our new "CHEW" release it would have been a victory if not for that wily spider. Keep the entries coming and show us how you #skeltoncrew for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate! The Crew      
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First look: Dr. Who and his Chog

The first reaction when John Layman showed us this pic: Holy *!@#$. Our reaction hasn't changed much since. In case you missed it, just wanted to post the amazing news here that "Dr. Who"'s David Tennant is doing the voice of Mason Savoy in the upcoming "CHEW" cartoon. Amazing. Epic. We can't fricken wait! The Crew  
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Must Reads: B.P.R.D. 1946-1949

Hey, Mignola fans! In case you didn't already rush out and buy it, don't forget that the "B.P.R.D. 1946-1949" hardcover graphic novel dropped this week. This series, as its title implies, takes place post-WWII and follows the story of Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, Hellboy's guardian and mentor. He and the bureau are investigating one of Hitler's many evil plots, Project Vampir Sturm, and the secret history of vampires. That's right, nazi vampires, young Hellboy and the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense. Who could ask for more? Mignola's work, as usual, is absolutely stunning, vibrantly colored and grotesque as hell. He did this series with the help of some very talented writers and artists. John Arcudi (writer, Rumble, BPRD), Joshua Dysart (writer, Harbinger, Imperium), Paul Azaceta (artist, Outcast, Daredevil, Amazing Spider-Man), Gabriel Bá (artist, Umbrella Academy, Casanova), Fábio Moon (Casanova, Daytripper), Max Fiumara (artist, Abe Sapien, Amazing Spider-Man) and Dave Stewart (Eisner-winning colorist, Umbrella Academy, Hellboy, Abe Sapien). Check it out! Maybe you'll see one of the artifacts we've replicated in this book. Or, better yet, maybe you'll spot something we're working on! Give it a read and let us (and Mike!) know what you think! The Crew
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‘A boy and his Chog’

The results are in from the first month of our new #SkeltonCrew photo contest. The verdict? Adorable, cool and badass. After a close vote amongst The Crew, a young man and his Chog named Chewie took the contest in May. (And, his dad tells us, he was educating fellow Sox fans in the stands at Fenway about what a Chog was. Love that!) We've included pics of the honorary mentions below because how could we not? In the meantime, keep 'em coming! Have you got pictures of you with a Chog in an interesting location, like the top of the Eiffel tower, or at the Coliseum? How about pictures of you incorporating our B.P.R.D. artifacts into a kick-ass cosplay? Or maybe you've got a picture or two of you using a Locke & Key replica to open the doors or gates to a historical location? We're looking for any pictures that tell a fun story about you and any one (or more!) of our products. All you have to do is share the photos on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr and use the hashtag #SkeltonCrew when you post to be in the running for a $50 Skelton Crew Studio gift certificate! Chog on, young sir, Chog on. The Crew  
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Blowing some *#@!$ up.

We're going into one of the busiest seasons of the year at the studio getting ready for Boston Comic Con and getting a bunch of releases out the door. We hope to bring exclusives to BCC from "CHEW," "Locke & Key" and from our new Templesmith line, along with a few prototype pieces, like, maybe, a soon-to-be-released plush of everyone's favorite badass rooster ... We're in Day Seven of our Kickstarter campaign for the Tony Chu mini-bust from "CHEW" and we can't say thank you enough for all the backing. We're just super grateful. The campaign is so close to making the bust a reality, and yesterday we also announced a stretch goal: miniature vinyl Chogs. Like one of our regular vinyls, but now with less Chog! In only the best way. More details to come on the exclusives. For now, pics of our next "Locke & Key" release, coming very, very soon and limited to 500. The Splody Key was featured in the back of the "Guide to Known Keys." It's the first time we've released a key before it's been a major player in a storyline but Joe tells us he has plans for it in an upcoming one-shot. Pre-orders for the key will be signed by the amazing L&K artist himself, Gabriel Rodriguez. In case you missed it, we launched a new monthly photo contest. Use #SkeltonCrew on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to show us how you're using our products or where you're taking them. For instance, for a heavy dose of adorable check out this "CHEW" fan at the ballpark. Every month, we'll pick one winner for a $50 Skelton Crew Studio gift certificate! Hope to see you all soon. The Crew    
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Can’t beet this: Tony Chu update

Just wanted to share the latest shot of our upcoming Tony Chu mini-bust from "CHEW" with Tony in his beet juice, beet label glory. More details about his release very soon. We've also confirmed plans to be at Jetpack Comics in New Hampshire on Free Comic Book Day on May 2 and at Boston Comic Con on July 31-Aug. 2. Love to see you there! The Crew
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First look: Bode mini-bust

We're really psyched to share the first in our line of upcoming "Locke & Key" mini-busts, Bode Locke. The prototype seen here is sculpted by the very talented Troy McDevitt, designed by myself and "Locke & Key" artist Gabriel Rodriguez. Bode will have a very limited run. We're shooting for an April pre-order release. Israel
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First look: “The Stuff of Legend” Colonel

Last year we announced a new partnership with Th3rd World Studios and its amazing book, "The Stuff of Legend." Now we're psyched to give an early first look to a rough prototype of the first release in that line: The Colonel. It's sculpted by the talented Derek Hallett, the same sculptor behind our upcoming Tony Chu mini-bust from "CHEW." The Colonel will stand just over 2 inches tall, at full attention, in hand-polished pewter. We're shooting for a May/June release. A resin Jester mini-bust for that line is underway, more on it soon. Hands up if you'd also dig a Max plush? We'd love the feedback. Israel
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Early look: Tony Chu

We wanted to give an early look at our upcoming Tony Chu mini-bust from "CHEW" as he winds his way through test paints. Rob Guillory has worked out some beet-tastic art for his base and Tony will also be rising out translucent beet juice resin. We hope to release him early next month in a very limited edition run. Really hope you guys dig him. Israel  
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Happy Crew Year!

New website, two new partnerships and some really great times, and that's on top of 12 new replicas – 2014 was pretty sweet. 2015 will be even better. We kicked off last Jan. 1 with the release of the studio’s Poyo mini-bust so we figured it would be fitting to give a sneak peak today of the next CHEW mini-bust, Tony Chu. We’re shooting for a late January/early February release with a limited edition run of 500. It’s designed by Rob Guillory and myself and sculpted by Derek Hallett, who did a killer job. We also wanted to give an early look at the prototype sketches for our new “Locke & Key” mini-bust line, designed by Gabriel Rodriguez and I. Hope to show Bode prototype pics very soon. From “The Stuff of Legend,” below is a first look at The Colonel by Charles P. Wilson III. He’ll be 2.25-inches tall, solid pewter and able to lead your other toys into battle. Look for him around March. From “Mouse Guard,” we also have an early shot of Gwendolyn’s Pike-Ax sculpted by John Thompson. It’s been in the works for a while and we’re really excited to see it come out in February/March. Below, there's also an early shot of the coin replica from Ben Templesmith's "The Squidder" and a shot of Mischrasse's pendant from our B.P.R.D. Artifact Archive collection, both soon to be released. Last thing: We’ve added gift certificates in case you’d like to give a little Crew goodness this year. If there’s something you really want and we haven’t made it yet from any of our lines, shout it out. Because, you never know.   Wishing you and yours an awesome 2015.   Israel                                                    
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First look: ‘The Squidder’ coin exclusive

We're psyched to offer an early look at a prototype sculpt of the In Squid We Trust coin from Ben Templesmith's new book "The Squidder," published by IDW. That's also a subtle way of announcing that Skelton Crew Studio and Templesmith plan to collaborate on all sorts of cool replicas and props in a our new Templesmith Collection. The line will kick off with the release of the limited edition coin this winter and will also include plush and busts from Templesmith's critically acclaimed comic "Wormwood," also published by IDW. The coin, sculpted by the talented Jamie Macfarlane, is 4.25" wide, in bronze-plated pewter and heavy enough to knock out a squid. Check back in November for pre-order details.      
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Skelton Crew adds to ‘The Legend’

LITCHFIELD, Maine — Th3rd World Studios and Skelton Crew Studio are excited to announce a new partnership that will see Skelton Crew producing replicas and mini-busts from the New York Times best-selling comic “The Stuff of Legend.” The book is written by Mike Raicht and Brian Smith and drawn by Charles Paul Wilson III. “‘The Stuff of Legend’ frankly has it all,” said Skelton Crew Studio head Israel Skelton. “It’s a wonderfully written story with a cast of characters you quickly become attached to. And did I mention the art is AMAZING? I couldn’t be happier to bring these characters to the next dimension.” A six-inch Jester mini-bust is slated for the first release in the new line in early winter 2014. We couldn't be more excited to be partnering with Skelton Crew for ‘The Stuff of Legend,’” said Th3rd World Studios co-publisher Michael DeVito. “The quality of their work and, more importantly, the level of respect that they show to the source material in bringing their replicas and collectibles to life shows a true dedication to their craft. Planned future releases include a pewter replica of The Colonel and a Boogeyman mini-bust. “The guys have been awesome to work with and I can’t wait to see what else we dream up,” Skelton said. Check Skelton Crew’s website,, for prototype shots and more release details in coming months. Israel and Charles will both be at BangPop comic con in Bangor, Maine next weekend. About Skelton Crew Studio LLC Skelton Crew Studio is already the exclusive home to props and replicas from “Locke & Key,” “CHEW,” “Mouse Guard” and “B.P.R.D.” Its most recent releases are a green vinyl Chog from “CHEW” and an SDCC-exclusive Alpha Key from “Locke & Key.” It’s been featured on G4's “Attack of the Show,” SourceFedNERD and The Onion’s A.V. Club Pop Culture Gift Guide. About Th3rd World Studios Th3rd World Studios ( is a print and digital publishing house specializing in the development of high-quality original and adapted properties such as “The Intrepid Escapegoat,” “SuperFogeys,” “Legend of Bill,” “Holiday Wars,” the breakout, all-ages fantasy “Finding Gossamyr,” and the acclaimed, original, New York Times Bestselling series, “The Stuff of Legend,” which is currently in development as a feature film from Mandeville Films and Walt Disney Studios.      
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Upcoming Replicas

We wanted to share a quick hello and news of soon-to-be-released projects, comic book and otherwise:

* We had a lot of fun on Hellboy Day — and how could you not? — with an exclusive first look on MTV of some of our early pitch sketches to Mike and our next releases, a sweet interview with Multiversity Comics and few graphs in Multiversity’s piece on creator’s favorite “Hellboy” stories over the last 20 years. SourceFedNERD also did a killer review of the first four pieces in the Archive line. Still can’t believe we’re lucky enough to be adding to this amazing universe.

In very related news:

* The next Artifact Archive pre-order launches today for the Ogdru Jahad Amulet and Vasilisa’s Comb & Handkerchief. A prototype pic of our next release in the line, pegged for later this summer, is below. Follow us on Twitter, @SkeltonCrew, for monthly exclusive coupon codes that start with today’s release.

* Jewelry is still very much in the works, both for “Locke & Key” and “B.P.R.D.” Hope to have more on that next month.

* So much in the works with “CHEW.” Only 50 pre-order Poyo mini busts left — that bada@@ bird is HOT. It’s still on target to ship out in May/June. Last week Rob Guillory teased to some plush projects. That line will kick off with pink and blue Chogs this summer. Fair warning: They’re also pretty fricken’ adorable. Pics to come. There’s also . . . well, I can’t say just yet. But it’s very cool.

* “Mouse Guard” will see the next release in that line in May with Lieam’s Sword. A prototype shot is below. Marionets and Gwendolyn’s pike-axe are in the prototype phase.

* Amazingly psyched to say we’ve partnered with two more books for future prop and bust lines. We hope to announce one very soon and one this fall.

So much to do. That said, our biggest replica this year will have us lying low the next two weeks. We’re expecting the latest addition to our Skelton Crew any day now. If it takes a few extra days for Kathryn or I to respond to an email, really hope you understand.



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Bustin’ out

Hope everyone is enjoying an early start to fall. We hope to have “Mouse Guard”’s Rand’s Shield out the door in the next two weeks and when it ships, it’ll have a cool bonus: writer/artist David Petersen has offered to sign tags on any orders placed by Oct. 15.

A few other odds and ends at the studio this week:

* Our new painted Poyo prototype from “CHEW” is below, both in its own glory and with a few other mini-busts to show scale. It’s amazingly sculpted and painted by Jamie Macfarlane. We’re shooting for an early spring 2014 release. Plain and simple, Poyo is bad ass.

* David did a great blog post about our next few pieces and our process working together. He’ll have golden SDCC Black Axes for sale at NYCC if you catch up with he and Julia there. (Both awesome people. Tell ‘em we said so.)

* Really happy to announce Jetpack Comics, Zimmie’s and Vault of Midnight are the first three comic shops to start carrying Skelton Crew Studio merch, the only place to find it outside of this site and the occasional con. We love the idea of working with and supporting independent shops.

Take care,


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Happy New Year

Let’s get right to what the studio has in the works for 2014:

* Alpha 2 might have brought an awesome close to this arc of “Locke & Key,” but happy to say the keys will keep coming. We have many more planned for 2014 and beyond, starting with a new key and another addition to the jewelry line later this month.

What you won’t see: the new release of any more legacy, or variant, editions. Well, with one possible exception. It’s the key we’re asked about the most each week. We’ll see if those tentative plans take us Anywhere.

* David Petersen’s already teased to plans about a very limited “Mouse Guard” marionet. That’s in the works along with Loukas’ sword, Lieam’s sword, Gwendolyn’s pike-axe and more.

* “CHEW” should see the release of a new color Chog, a to-be-revealed SDCC exclusive, Tony’s badge and other goodness. And, of course, we launched our mini bust line with a resin Poyo pre-order today.

* In our Artifact Archive Collection, look for Vasilisa’s Comb, Mohlomi’s Bell, the Ogdru Jahad amulet from “The Island” and more from the “Hellboy” and “B.P.R.D.” universe.

As people’s time allows, we’ll continue to try to get the initial releases signed by creators as often as possible this year.

We’ve also got other projects in the works and who knows where they could lead. The possibilities are endless.

From creators to sculptors to editors, we work with some amazingly nice and incredibly talented people and we have, hands-down, the best customers around. We never forget how lucky we are.

Hope the year brings amazing things for you and yours.


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Coming up for air

We had a customer ask two weeks ago, very nicely, if we’ve had no news since December. Fair question. The studios has had tons going on, and tons more planned — thanks for the nudge to come up for air and share. For new releases, we’ve got in the works: * “Locke & Key” Owl Key, Mending Key, Philosophoscope Key and maybe a too-be-announced Black Friday key. The series wraps in one more issue? Not for us. We’ve got keys planned for all of 2014, the Gender and Timeshift, to name two. * “Mouse Guard” will see one more piece this winter before 2013 wraps. That line is just getting started. * “CHEW”’s pink Chogs are about to be retired. The SDCC glow Chogs are all snapped up. We have Tony’s FDA badge planned for this fall. The guys had prototypes out at SDCC if you caught them there. * “B.P.R.D.”/ “Hellboy”: The next two pieces, the Elf Shot and Agrippa’s Charm, debut next month. Love the feedback we’ve been getting and really digging the Artifact Archive line. I did an interview with John Scrudder at Behind the Panels last week, and the Giant Key made a cameo in USA Today not too long ago with Joe and Gabe. I had an absolute blast at Boston Con — amazing time, hope to go again next year. I’ll be at Coast City Con in Portland in November for those in greater Northern New England this fall. Take care, and as always, thanks. Israel
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Maine studio announces new Hellboy replica line

LITCHFIELD, Maine — The Apocalypse is here, get your gear. Mike Mignola and Skelton Crew Studio LLC are excited to announce an exclusive license agreement to create the Artifact Archive Collection, limited edition prop replicas spanning the “Hellboy” and “B.P.R.D.” universe. “I’m approaching these as pieces that would have been in the pouches of Hellboy’s belt or picked up in B.P.R.D. members’ travels,” said Israel Skelton, the owner of Skelton Crew Studio. “The possibilities are almost endless and so awesome.” Upcoming replicas include the Elf Shot from “Hellboy: The Wild Hunt,” Bishop Zrinyi’s Button from “Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch” and the Bog Roosh’s Nail from “Hellboy: The Third Wish.” The first release is planned for winter 2013. “I’m a huge fan of Mike’s and I’ve wanted to build these pieces for myself for a while,” said Skelton. “He is a legend in the industry and a chance to work with Mike and on this property is such an honor.” Mignola has been crafting the Hellboy universe for almost 20 years. Mignola and “Hellboy,” published by Dark Horse, have been recognized by prestigious Eisner, Harvey and Eagle awards. His latest work, “Hellboy in Hell,” debuted earlier this month. “I’m very excited about this,” Mignola said. Skelton Crew Studio, a sculpting house in rural Maine, has built a name for quality, detailed collectibles since 2009. It’s already the exclusive home to 1:1 replicas for the Eisner-winning comics “Locke & Key,” published by IDW Publishing, “Mouse Guard,” published by Archaia Entertainment and “CHEW,” published by Image. The studio has been featured on G4, and in Wizard and MTV Geek online, and last Christmas made The Onion’s A.V. Club’s pop culture gift guide. Its latest release is a Black Axe pewter replica from “Mouse Guard.” Check the studio’s website,, for prototype shots and more release details on the Artifact Archive Collection in coming months. “This year has been amazing and I couldn’t wrap 2012 in a better way,” said Skelton. “The world can’t end now — we have too much work to do.”
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