Shirtless Bear Fighter

The studio hit 2018 with the perfect one-two punch: A set of 8.5-inch Shirtless Bear-Fighter vinyl figures from Image’s smash hit “SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER!” by Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner and Nil Vendrell.

The now-sold-out limited edition set included Shirtless Bear-Fighter in his classic jeans and rope belt along with a pixilated No Pants Beariant version. Early birds snagged a scaled bear rug* (*no bears were harmed in its making) and a note from the Bears in the book signed by all three members of the SBF creative team.

In the summer of 2022, the studio released an Official Fuzz Badge timed to the new “SHIRTLESS BEAR-FIGHTER 2!” It’s not guaranteed to make you an Official Bear-Fighter. Wait. No, it IS guaranteed to make you an Official Bear-Fighter — it says so right on the box!