Heads will be lopped! #HeadLopperHaiku winners!

Excuse my saying this, but you guys SLAYED our #HeadLopperHaiku contest last week! Congrats to Tanooki Phil‏ @prettyboypecho, Blaise Hopkins‏ @blaisehopkins and JG‏ @JGDrawsStuff, who each snagged a set of sweet Limited Edition Head Lopper enamel pins! For your reading terror, er, enjoyment: Andy Karlson‏ @RevAndyKarlson

Hugin and Munin

Have journeyed too far this time

Odin waits, napping

*** rielly‏ @riellygrey

Severing Witch Heads

Norgal doesn't give a sh*t

Love this Viking Dude

*** Brian L.‏ @goatmansgoblet Bane of Wolves, of Bog Born Bastard, of Severed Crone Norgal, Head Lopper *** What the Huck?‏ @huxplosion

Big beard - bigger sword,

Lightning strikes the battlefield,

Monster heads cleaved off.

*** Jesper Duffy‏ @JesperDuffy

From within the beast,

A blade appears with a slice,

A head has been lopped

*** jon orrenmaa‏ @orrenmaa_boss

The witch won’t shut up

Crimson Tower takes tributes

Norgal takes their head

*** Nicholas Rocco‏ @walter1three

The widow’s vengeance.

Birthright of the orphan’s rage.

Odin be our wrath.

*** Bypass (Beany)‏ @Bypassuk

twinkle lights miles high.

we gaze aloft some more.

stars in aww we are.

*** David Pemberton‏ @DaveYourFave

Norgal cuts the dark

And the dark slices forward

Crimson is its color

*** jmemiller‏ @jmemiller

Severing their heads

Is what Norgal does the best

But he just wants peace

*** Tanooki Phil‏ @prettyboypecho

Agatha won't die.

One less worry for Norgal.

Won't help him sleep though.

*** Aditya Narendranath‏ @AdiNaren

Norgal in danger

Agatha’s itchy nose

a purposeful sneeze

*** Xander Kent‏ @RedGrimRune


The Son Of the Minotaur,

Head-Lopper, Norgal

*** Geoff Martin‏ @Geoffmart

Far-ranging journeys

Through deadly mountains and moors

Lopping villains’ heads

*** Blaise Hopkins‏ @blaisehopkins

When the mead flows right,

The heads of many take flight,


*** Lloyd Green‏ @Eleven_13

So many heads and

My blade is still so thirsty

Agatha SHUT UP !

*** Lloyd Green‏ @Eleven_13

Woking in Barra,

Norgal knows just what to do-

Heads don't lop themselves !

*** clayton‏ @obiclayshinobi

Winter oceans spray

As rivers of blood from my

Black smiling axe blade

*** Jay Nystrom, Rebel Scum‏ @DocHavok

Witch’s cackle rings

Taker of heads cometh near

The wicked tremble

*** David Baisley‏ @DavidBaisley

They never do stop,

so many heads did they chop,

loppity lopers

*** JG‏ @JGDrawsStuff

Headlopper carves the earth

The blue witch stalks the hallows

Well, least she used to

*** George‏ @TheAmazinGeorge Slaying my villains, Yelling at Agatha, STOP All in a days work *** scattered/smothered/covered‏ @ThatDaveJordan

look, i just really

want those rad enamel pins.

i love headlopper.

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#HereLies contest winners!

You guys were funny, cheeky and thoroughly rocked our first epitaph contest! Many thanks to all who entered and congrats to @LibrarySpider, @blytherue and @DavidBaisley for scoring our of our hot new Limited Edition Epitaph pins! *** Connor Mackinnon‏ @AdemicStudy

"Fuck it" Connors last words before diving into an orphanage fire, saving 9 orphans who were subsequently eaten by sharks. May his beard rest in piece.

*** javier pastor‏ @javi3rpastor

Afraid of living? Not anymore #HereLies

*** rielly‏ @riellygrey

... #HereLies rielly, after years of literally dying she finally actually died.

*** DJ Hazbro‏ @DJHazbro45LP

Epitaph I actually want: “It turns out there IS something worse than wet jeans!” #HereLies

*** blytherue‏ @blytherue

#HereLies Eileen She causes chaos wherever she goes Heaven or hell, nobody knows But if angels start falling or demons appear You can be sure they’ll send her back here

*** kerry anne fuller‏ @kerryannefuller

#herelies call work tell them I’m late.

***  Blair Frodelius‏ @GoodSpiritsNews

"Oh, well" #HereLies

*** Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka Here lies Xerxes, Devoured by mice. Hoarding cheese Was his only vice. #HereLies ***

Stacey Wyman‏ @DeanWin85

His deepest regret in life was never fini— #herelies

*** Mac Beauvais‏ @StrangeLikeThat Here lies Mac/She stepped on a crack/Her momma was dead/So she broke her own back #herelies *** BamBamJack‏ @BamRising

#HereLies @BamRising: He rocked out (and wrote about it) every day of his life. Until he didn’t...

*** Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus

He owned all the keys! #HereLies

*** FVaillancourt‏ @FVaillancourt1

The upper story balconies are really solid, they said. #HereLies

*** Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka This poor young woman, aged twenty-eight. Went with a dolphin on a date. Drowned while ‘swimming’ was her fate. #HereLies *** Don Juan De La Nooch‏ @AnungUnRamAnt

How to eat healthy, he did not know. Death by pizza. Not a bad way to go. #HereLies

*** Library Spider‏ @LibrarySpider

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But words will never hurt me

Or so I thought

And now I rot

Not hearing that mobile library #HereLies

*** Javier Lacroix‏ @javierlacroix

“All he ever wanted, was to win this contest...” #HereLies

*** Amanda Moak‏ @Mandie_Marie

Now an even greater advocate of procrastination. #herelies

*** Kaitlen Burns‏ @isaidboourns I'm dead and I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do. #HereLies *** David Baisley‏ @DavidBaisley The bell tolled for Harold and he answered, albeit not before he tolled a few more bells. #HereLies Harold Smithers a means SOB *** Erik C. Jones‏ @ECFNJ

#HereLies Erik C. Jones He won two @SkeltonCrew contests and thought he'd try for three.

*** Drew Campbell‏ @Stickmind Apr 5

#Herelies "You don't need clothes to live." (Said by my daughter while playing @oregontrail. She died a couple turns later because she had no clothes)

*** Mat Brady‏ @mop_master

Learn from his mistake. Under penalty of the law, mattress tags are not to be removed, except by the consumer. #HereLies

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Locke & Key #KeyHouseHaiku winners!

DAMN. I feel like you're helping us bring the haiku back. We had 16 entries in last week's #KeyHouseHaiku contest, collected below for your reading pleasure. Congratulations to Erik C. Jones‏ @ECFNJ, who scored a sweet set of "Locke & Key" Series II enamel pins with the first entry below! And congrats to runners-up Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka and Isadora‏ @LandlockdSelkie! Keep them coming and keep 5/7/5'in — we're loving it. ***  

Bode's acting weird

Son of a bitch that's Dodge

Bode's back, Dodge died

 Erik C. Jones‏ @ECFNJ ***

Open up my head

Take out all my memories

Ev'rything is white

Erik C. Jones‏ @ECFNJ ***

Open up the moon

See the world behind the scenes

Tears all the way down

Erik C. Jones‏ @ECFNJ ***

Turn and twist the brass.

Uncomprehensible fate.

I am now a mime.

Blair Frodelius‏ @GoodSpiritsNews ***

Whispering Iron on the ground

Made a key that improves Sound

Now I hear Ghosts all around

Russell Etkin‏ @EtkinRu ***

Keys forged from madness

Open the doors of your mind

Who knows what awaits

William McGhee‏ @Davros1342 ***

Mysterious keys

Such stuff as dreams are made on

Keyhouse awaits

Jason Mastaitis‏ @JasonMastaitis ***

Bode's a hero

Whether he is a ghost or

Trapped in a small bird

Rob Rosenblatt‏ @borateen0 ***

Welcome to Lovecraft

Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode Locke -

Keyhouse is so cool!

Reed Beebe‏ @ReedBeebe   ***

To the well he finds,

Omega key in the caves,

To free thy spirits

Soils‏ @Stdubesoils ***

Want to make a change?

Gender, species, size? Try this:

Whispering iron!

Ryan Miller‏ @jesteram ***

Keys Keys Keys Keys Keys

Keys Keys Keys Keys Keys Keys Keys

Keys Keys Keys Keys Splash

Bruce Russell‏ @HooBruce ***

Anywhere the key

Can take you, be sure it's

Where you want to go.

Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka


Collection of magic keys

Welcome to Lovecraft

Joe and Gabe's magnum opus

Dr. Sports Guy‏ @newhousebailey


Keys to unlock doors,

Moons, and owls, and even time,

But mostly people.

Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka ***   the iron whispers take the darkness to the forge bend it to the light Isadora‏ @LandlockdSelkie
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You brought the creep, the gore and the corgis: #MacabreMonday winners!

You guys know how to bring the macabre, in the best way. Congratulations to  everaerts Ben‏ @BenCRSK and runners-up kerry anne fuller‏ @kerryannefuller and Reed Beebe‏ @ReedBeebe for taking part in our #MacabreMonday contest, writing a tale of terror on Twitter in 280 characters or less and scoring some GORE-geous "The Beauty of Horror" enamel pins. All of the entries are below and what better way to kick off this fine Monday than giving them a peep . . . if you dare. ***

For months I had a dream of a figure @ the ft of my bed. I'd wake up drenched in sweat, my GF would comfort me. 1 night I woke to my GF screaming that some1 was @ the ft of the bed. I opened my eye to see a figure there & I lunged @ it 2 find nothing

  Doublechronox‏ @Doublechronox ***

She walked downstairs to a room full of people huddling in a circle. "Who Are U People? What R U Doing in my house??" She pushed through the silence and the crowd to see a body laying on the floor. Bloodied & battered. It was her.



And then he turned to her, with terror on his face and whispered "We're all out of dinosaur chick en nuggets." #TalesFromTheFridge #Parenting



He just stood there, getting his breath back, trying not to look behind and wondering what the f*ck it is coming after him. But there it was again: a slushing sound like no other he heard before. He knew he had to start running again... Again.

everaerts Ben‏ @BenCRSK ***

10 hr shift at factory and them telling me that today I work for free.

kerry anne fuller‏ @kerryannefuller


He came running down the hill,

a corgi as large as a house!

but she didn't shrill untill,

he bit off her head,

and he ripped her apart!

Spilling blood, brain and guts

all over her newest blouse.

everaerts Ben‏ @BenCRSK ***

"Houston, can you hear me?" They didn't answer a week ago, I'm so tired being screaming for days, I'll die alone. Just I'm trying again: "Houston, can you hear me?" "Toc, toc, toc" I think I'm not alone anymore.

A Magdalena Sumeragi‏ @embrujodeluna


Paul woke up shackled to a wall. After an hour of sweaty, panicked struggle, the door flew open and two cops charged in. “Good work!” the tall one said to the other. “We’ll take it from here,” he grinned, as a third walked in and started a chainsaw.

DJ Hazbro‏ @DJHazbro45LP ***

The Man looked down on the throng of people below his balcony. As he thrust his hands into the air a cacophony of cheers arose. Long had he waited for this. He slowly peeled the skin back from his face revealing long sharp teeth. He began to feast.

William McGhee‏ @Davros1342


No alarm? No time. Coffee by door! Black? "Thanks. No milk?" "Cut BS-late. No alarm." Alarm deleted. Phone update? Public thanks will smooth over. #lattelove Position cup, open camera. Dark face image-memory screen fades. Sharpie: Lucifer-Extra Hot. Amanda Moak‏ @Mandie_Marie


Hey, at least they left his head!

tweetsomethingsmart‏ @DericPeace


I pretend to sleep as the footsteps approach. Then I feel hands around my throat, choking... Silence. "It was only a dream" I tell myself. I open my eyes and look down at my lifeless body.

Stuart Baldwin‏ @stuartgbaldwin


It was a typical Saturday morning as I woke to the sound of three screaming kids jumping on my bed. Except I don't have any kids and I live alone. Time to move house.

Stuart Baldwin‏ @stuartgbaldwin *** He "Aargh" Tried "Hmmph" To "Awrgh" Scream "Hmmprhf" But "Grmmph" Couldn't " Arwgh" ... everaerts Ben‏ @BenCRSK ***

The old man goes from door to door. He knocks but no one answers. He does not want to die alone so he searches for someone to take with him. We are Trump’s Gorilla Channel‏ @awptimus


A gurgling roar fills the gas station bathroom. I slowly look down between my legs to see two glowing red eyes staring back at me from within the bowl.

Avi Pesis‏ @AviPesis ***

It was keeping me up tonight,drip,drip,drip Furry little bodies above the basin Wings stretched,nailed at the tips One of them took her I’d find out which soon enough,dawn was nearing They would screech the truth,or their last.

Jay Nystrom, Rebel Scum‏ @DocHavok ***

A six-letter word for a group of crows: MURDER. A six-letter word for killing someone: MURDER. That morning, Amy found the crossword puzzle macabre, but sadly didn’t notice her angry ex-boyfriend standing behind her, or his kitchen knife.

Reed Beebe‏ @ReedBeebe

*** She waited until he turned to corner then flew down from her rooftop perch behind him. Carefully tucking her leathery wings away, "Good Evening," she greeted. He smiled, thrilled to see her again, offered his arm and continued his midnight stroll, with his love. @riellygrey *** And then, there were never any Oreos, like, ever again. @KathrynSkelton
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Hell yeah: Art Baltazar, Skelton Crew team up for itty bitty bust!

LITCHFIELD, Maine — Skelton Crew Studio and Art Baltazar are excited to announce a little bit of awesome: a new limited edition itty bitty Hellboy mini-bust. “We’ve been a fan of Art’s work since getting our mitts on ‘Patrick the Wolfboy’ in the ‘90s,” said Skelton Crew Studio head Israel Skelton. “We’ve also had the honor of working with ‘Hellboy’ creator Mike Mignola on our prop replica line for several years now. We’re so psyched to be able to work with Art and Hellboy and see everything coming together.” Itty bitty Hellboy will stand about six inches tall on a base of his beloved pancakes, a fork at the ready, capturing Art’s super cute style. Look for the very limited resin mini-bust to debut in late winter 2016. “This is awesome. I’ve been a fan of Hellboy since his first appearance! It’s an honor to make comics of him and his itty bitty friends! AW YEAH! I’m looking forward to putting Itty Bitty Hellboy on display next to his Eisner Award! AW YEAH HELLBOY”! -Art Baltazar, famous cartoonist. Itty bitty Hellboy will join the studio’s rapidly growing line of mini-busts, which includes the previously announced Em Cypress from Tim Seeley and Mike Norton’s “Revival,” Huck from Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque’s “Huck” and Mason Savoy from John Layman and Rob Guillory’s “CHEW,” which is being released next month. Check out www.skeltoncrewstudio.com for work-in-progress shots and release details as they become available. About Art Baltazar Famous Cartoonist, ART BALTAZAR is the creative force behind The New York Times Best Selling, Eisner Award Winning DC Comics' TINY TITANS, SUPER PETS, SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, SUPER POWERS and Itty Bitty HELLBOY! Art is one of the founders of AW YEAH COMICS comic shop and the ongoing comic series! Aw Yeah living the dream! He stays home and draws comics and never has to leave the house! He lives with his lovely wife, Rose, sons Sonny and Gordon, and daughter Audrey! AW YEAH MAN! www.artbaltazar.com -#8 on the New York Times best Seller March 2009 for Tiny Titans vol. 1 Trade Paperback! -Eisner Award 2009 Best Publication for Kids! -Eisner Award 2011 Best Publication for Kids -Eisner Award 2014 Best Publication for Kids -Harvey Award 2011 Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers -Columbia College Chicago 2012 Alumnus of the year Award -AW YEAH COMICS 2013 Skokie Merchant of the Year About Skelton Crew Studio Based in the wilds of Maine, Skelton Crew has the exclusive license to create 1:1 prop replicas, plush, statues and vinyl from some of the hottest reads in indie comics like “Locke & Key,” “CHEW,” “Hellboy,” “Mouse Guard,” “The Stuff of Legend” and “Killogy.” The studio, founded in 2008 by artist Israel Skelton, has created a name for itself by working closely with creators to produce high-quality, limited edition collectibles. Israel makes his home in rural Maine with his wife Kathryn, two sons and one loafing corgi. When he’s not sculpting, he enjoys amassing hardcover graphic novels, collecting original comic art and bare knuckle brawling. For more: www.skeltoncrewstudio.com    
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Happy Everything!

From our Crew to yours, hope whatever you celebrate, however you celebrate, that it's an awesome one. The Crew
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Death Creams. You. Bacon underwear. We’re grateful for a lot this Thanksgiving.

Just a quick bit of Black Friday business first: We'll be going live with the Thadreian Frog from our B.P.R.D. Artifact Archive Collection at midnight on Friday with pre-orders signed by the amazing Guy Davis. Like our other two new releases this week — Fly By Night onesies and toddler tees in our Skelton Crew Collection with C.P. Wilson III and the "C is for Cthulhu" plush/board book/signed exclusive combo — there's free shipping 'til Cyber Monday! But before then, we relax, eat and reflect. We took a quick survey among Crew members today about what they're thankful for this year. First and foremost, YOU. We couldn't create any of this if it weren't for your awesomeness, so thank you, sincerely. After that, the list gets a little, well, eclectic. But in a great way. From our Marketing Director Jarrett Melendez: "I'm thankful for my boyfriend, Stuart. He sticks by me through my crazy work schedule, is always ready to help pick up my slack when I'm too tired to do house stuff, and seeing him happy is all I ever want. I'm also thankful for the coffee shop down the street and their signature Death Creams. I don't know what actually goes in them besides cold brew coffee and cream, but boy do they taste good. Like, really good." Our graphic design goddess Bethany Jourdan Lacroix is grateful for a 2-year-old who's pooing in the toilet. Studio head Israel Skelton is grateful that George Lucas isn't directing the new "Star Wars" — and even more grateful to live in a country where something that trivial matters. I'm grateful for our two little guys: They are wild and they are wonderful, often in the same split second. I'm also grateful that today I found out that J&D's bacon-scented underwear exists, because, DAMN. It only confirms we live in amazing times. From us to you, Happy Thanksgiving and hope however you celebrate, it's an awesome day. Kathryn  
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September photo contest: Dodge lives!

"Locke & Key" fan Joseph Munisteri absolutely nailed Dodge's look and vibe. (And is that a Shadow Key tat we spy on his arm?) How much do we love this? Let us count the ways. Cosplaying? Love. Attention to detail? Love. Nightmare-inducing? Love. Sleep tight and keep those pics coming for a chance to win a $50 studio gift certificate! C'mon, show us how you #SkeltonCrew! The Crew            
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July and August photo contest: ‘Pew, pew, pew’

Among the signs that it's been a crazy busy summer: We're finally announcing the winners of our July and August #SkeltonCrew photo contest! Congrats to TheSamWicked for July and Toshi Satake for August! LOVE how Sam set up a playful scene and that Toshi took his Patriotic Chog a travelin' (AND included a little onomatopoeia that I can completely picture a Chog chirping out.) Honorary shout-out to Donald Wygal for his super cool shadow box that also features "Locke & Key" hardcovers peeking out the sides. Keep the pictures coming for a chance to win a $50 Skelton Crew Studio gift certificate and show us how you #SkeltonCrew! We've already had a sneak-peek at a cosplay entry for next month, and, DAMN. The Crew  
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Along came a spider

The spider's name is Blanche. (Drops mike.) Because how can a spider named Blanche, about to use an Animal Key, NOT be our monthly photo contest winner? We'd be remiss though if we didn't also give honorary mention props to the glorious patriotic Chog shot below, too. Given the upcoming holiday, given our new "CHEW" release it would have been a victory if not for that wily spider. Keep the entries coming and show us how you #skeltoncrew for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate! The Crew      
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