You ROCKED our #HellboyHaiku contest!

  A few Crew members are fans of a good haiku, and when social media director Rielly Grey suggested a #HellboyHaiku contest on Twitter, we said sure, love it! Then you guys *$^!$#@ amazed us. In less than 24 hours, we received nearly 50 entries. They're funny, sweet, silly and poignant and we needed to share that awesome, so they're all collected below. Congrats to contest winner Asatiir‏ @asatiir and runners up Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka, Connor McCumber‏ @15000newts, Leanne‏ @eall__ana, Hellboy Fights Nazis‏ @HBFightsNazis and Jay Nystrom, Rebel Scum‏ @DocHavok! Seriously, though, in this case, we're ALL winners for these. Thanks so much for haikuing with us! ***

Hellboy likes pancakes

he calls BPRD home

and hates all nazis

Jabba‏ @jabbajuju ***

If his horns grow in,

Hellboy fights his destiny:

It's really a snap.

Ryan Miller‏ @jesteram ***

Anung un Rama

Hell-spawned from demon and witch

Pancakes are his fave

Stuart Baldwin‏ @stuartgbaldwin ***

Is that a monkey

with his gross banana breath

he has got a gun

Scott McKay‏ @theScottMcKay ***

One great big red hand

Stumps of horns sawn off himself

Really hates Nazis

Mitch Benn‏@MitchBenn ***

Big red goliath

Beating down the nightly bumps

Loves to pet the cats

William McGhee‏ @Davros1342


With his red right hand,

he will happily pet cats

and then eat pancakes.

Mistress Missy‏ @MissySchmalz ***

Red monkey Hellboy

Punching Nazis, oh what fun

Good Samaritan

Man-Flu Season‏ @CraigWCostelloe *** Time to eat Pancakes!! The B.P.R.D. just called... :( WHY CAN'T A GUY EAT? Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus ***

The boy has eaten

All of the pancakes. Truly,

He is lost to us.

Laura H Skarka‏ @lhskarka *** I'm a simple guy Just trying to do my job Crap, here comes a troll Matthew Ellis‏ @iron_claugh *** Anung Un Rama

Awaken Ogdru Jahad.

The Right Hand of Doom

Matthew Ellis‏ @iron_claugh *** Forest full of flames, Right Hand of Doom falls into ash, Shadows creep from the dark Liubomyr‏ @CUBErt91 ***




  (((megatron))) ✡️🏳️‍🌈‏ @fomobaggins ***

Born again on Earth

He’s drinking with skeletons

With a mean right hook

Josh Allen‏ @Jallen0823

*** Summoned to our world Wandering to find himself He just wants to rest Roomba‏ @TheRoomba ***


Found by the BPRD,

Now punching Nazis.

Asatiir‏ @asatiir ***

Two broken horns fall

From the darkness they whisper:

"Anung Un Rama..."

Leanne‏ @eall__ana *** Of Hell and demons born, nightmare of monsters, yet human to the core   Matthew Whaley‏ @Avatar1639 ***

Anung un Rama

A demon of destruction

Pure of heart; pamcakes

Eamon Winkle‏ @CanIGetanEamon *** "I want hot noodles!" Just try them. One bite. Open. Nothing beats pam-cakes. Aislinn 🎄‏ @twnty7  


Skin like Hellfire

A Pancake-Loving Demon

Right hand of Justice

Grifter Wolf [Aerox]‏ @GrifTWolf  Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus ***

from hell he has come

the infamous red right hand

devil's a savior

xfiles.txt‏ @newtsgeiszler *** Hellboy loves pancakes, Even when itty bitty, Oh crap he is out. Sean Leslie‏ @dingleberry96 *** Art Baltazar rocks, His itty bitty Hellboy is too cool for school. Sean Leslie‏ @dingleberry96 *** Hellboy is his name. Apocalypse is coming. But first eat pancakes. Sean Leslie‏ @dingleberry96   ***

Won't enter this one

many Hellboy fans much more

deserving than me

Library Spider‏ @LibrarySpider ***

Anung Un Rama Fist,

key to the apoca...

Wait, are those pancakes?!?

Ben Schafer‏ @schaferba *** Hellboy with hand of stone how do you get your coat on the sleeve is too small. Connor McCumber‏ @15000newts ***

Hellboy eats pancakes

Yay! @DavidKHarbour

Boom, Right Hand of Doom

Ryan Carraway‏ @Ryan_Carraway_ *** Now that he's eaten the most heavenly pancake he'll never come back. Mod0n‏ @Mod0n *** Living between worlds Destined to wear either crown Hellboy says, "Screw that!" Hellboy Fights Nazis‏ @HBFightsNazis *** The Right Hand of Doom Cannot hold back the darkness That stirs from within. Case Hill‏ @thatcasehill *** Little devil boy Itty Bitty Hellboy horns Too small to file down Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus *** The right hand of doom Opening a gate to Hell Causing destruction Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus *** Call me cat magnet They come to me on the fly Give me all the cats Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus *** In line for the throne Descendant of Pendragon I'm royal... kind of Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus ***   Red red red red red Everything in Hell is red Full of fire and fury Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus *** What scared you when young? Not Ron Perlman as Hellboy, Ron Perlman... The Beast. Joseph Munisteri‏ @dopplepopplelus ***  

He has sweet goggles

I wonder where he got them

Oh wait those are horns

Erik C. Jones‏ @ECFNJ


He of horn and hoof

Crown of fire, right hand of doom

Bringer of the end

Jay Nystrom, Rebel Scum‏ @DocHavok ***   Promised safe night's rest, Autumn breeze on bloodless necks. Batter up, heads! Boom!   Andy Karlson‏ @RevAndyKarlson *** The St Leonard worm, Fifty years gone. Look Roger, A dead alien. Andy Karlson‏ @RevAndyKarlson ***   Noodles requested But at first bite of pamcakes turned his back on hell David Dingman‏ @dako243


When your hand is stone

It can be quite difficult

To give a high five

Bert Budigo‏ @GuitarBobsle

*** The best utensil... To destroy stacks of pamcakes... The Right Hand of Doom. rxsheepxr‏ @rxsheepxr *** From the pits of hell He loves to kick monster butt Also likes cigars Dan rogers‏ @theinfamousboag *** Has the hand of doom Has horns that he files down Professor Broom's son Dan rogers‏ @theinfamousboag
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Upcoming Replicas

We wanted to share a quick hello and news of soon-to-be-released projects, comic book and otherwise:

* We had a lot of fun on Hellboy Day — and how could you not? — with an exclusive first look on MTV of some of our early pitch sketches to Mike and our next releases, a sweet interview with Multiversity Comics and few graphs in Multiversity’s piece on creator’s favorite “Hellboy” stories over the last 20 years. SourceFedNERD also did a killer review of the first four pieces in the Archive line. Still can’t believe we’re lucky enough to be adding to this amazing universe.

In very related news:

* The next Artifact Archive pre-order launches today for the Ogdru Jahad Amulet and Vasilisa’s Comb & Handkerchief. A prototype pic of our next release in the line, pegged for later this summer, is below. Follow us on Twitter, @SkeltonCrew, for monthly exclusive coupon codes that start with today’s release.

* Jewelry is still very much in the works, both for “Locke & Key” and “B.P.R.D.” Hope to have more on that next month.

* So much in the works with “CHEW.” Only 50 pre-order Poyo mini busts left — that bada@@ bird is HOT. It’s still on target to ship out in May/June. Last week Rob Guillory teased to some plush projects. That line will kick off with pink and blue Chogs this summer. Fair warning: They’re also pretty fricken’ adorable. Pics to come. There’s also . . . well, I can’t say just yet. But it’s very cool.

* “Mouse Guard” will see the next release in that line in May with Lieam’s Sword. A prototype shot is below. Marionets and Gwendolyn’s pike-axe are in the prototype phase.

* Amazingly psyched to say we’ve partnered with two more books for future prop and bust lines. We hope to announce one very soon and one this fall.

So much to do. That said, our biggest replica this year will have us lying low the next two weeks. We’re expecting the latest addition to our Skelton Crew any day now. If it takes a few extra days for Kathryn or I to respond to an email, really hope you understand.



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Bustin’ out

Hope everyone is enjoying an early start to fall. We hope to have “Mouse Guard”’s Rand’s Shield out the door in the next two weeks and when it ships, it’ll have a cool bonus: writer/artist David Petersen has offered to sign tags on any orders placed by Oct. 15.

A few other odds and ends at the studio this week:

* Our new painted Poyo prototype from “CHEW” is below, both in its own glory and with a few other mini-busts to show scale. It’s amazingly sculpted and painted by Jamie Macfarlane. We’re shooting for an early spring 2014 release. Plain and simple, Poyo is bad ass.

* David did a great blog post about our next few pieces and our process working together. He’ll have golden SDCC Black Axes for sale at NYCC if you catch up with he and Julia there. (Both awesome people. Tell ‘em we said so.)

* Really happy to announce Jetpack Comics, Zimmie’s and Vault of Midnight are the first three comic shops to start carrying Skelton Crew Studio merch, the only place to find it outside of this site and the occasional con. We love the idea of working with and supporting independent shops.

Take care,


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Coming up for air

We had a customer ask two weeks ago, very nicely, if we’ve had no news since December. Fair question. The studios has had tons going on, and tons more planned — thanks for the nudge to come up for air and share. For new releases, we’ve got in the works: * “Locke & Key” Owl Key, Mending Key, Philosophoscope Key and maybe a too-be-announced Black Friday key. The series wraps in one more issue? Not for us. We’ve got keys planned for all of 2014, the Gender and Timeshift, to name two. * “Mouse Guard” will see one more piece this winter before 2013 wraps. That line is just getting started. * “CHEW”’s pink Chogs are about to be retired. The SDCC glow Chogs are all snapped up. We have Tony’s FDA badge planned for this fall. The guys had prototypes out at SDCC if you caught them there. * “B.P.R.D.”/ “Hellboy”: The next two pieces, the Elf Shot and Agrippa’s Charm, debut next month. Love the feedback we’ve been getting and really digging the Artifact Archive line. I did an interview with John Scrudder at Behind the Panels last week, and the Giant Key made a cameo in USA Today not too long ago with Joe and Gabe. I had an absolute blast at Boston Con — amazing time, hope to go again next year. I’ll be at Coast City Con in Portland in November for those in greater Northern New England this fall. Take care, and as always, thanks. Israel
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Maine studio announces new Hellboy replica line

LITCHFIELD, Maine — The Apocalypse is here, get your gear. Mike Mignola and Skelton Crew Studio LLC are excited to announce an exclusive license agreement to create the Artifact Archive Collection, limited edition prop replicas spanning the “Hellboy” and “B.P.R.D.” universe. “I’m approaching these as pieces that would have been in the pouches of Hellboy’s belt or picked up in B.P.R.D. members’ travels,” said Israel Skelton, the owner of Skelton Crew Studio. “The possibilities are almost endless and so awesome.” Upcoming replicas include the Elf Shot from “Hellboy: The Wild Hunt,” Bishop Zrinyi’s Button from “Hellboy: In the Chapel of Moloch” and the Bog Roosh’s Nail from “Hellboy: The Third Wish.” The first release is planned for winter 2013. “I’m a huge fan of Mike’s and I’ve wanted to build these pieces for myself for a while,” said Skelton. “He is a legend in the industry and a chance to work with Mike and on this property is such an honor.” Mignola has been crafting the Hellboy universe for almost 20 years. Mignola and “Hellboy,” published by Dark Horse, have been recognized by prestigious Eisner, Harvey and Eagle awards. His latest work, “Hellboy in Hell,” debuted earlier this month. “I’m very excited about this,” Mignola said. Skelton Crew Studio, a sculpting house in rural Maine, has built a name for quality, detailed collectibles since 2009. It’s already the exclusive home to 1:1 replicas for the Eisner-winning comics “Locke & Key,” published by IDW Publishing, “Mouse Guard,” published by Archaia Entertainment and “CHEW,” published by Image. The studio has been featured on G4, and in Wizard and MTV Geek online, and last Christmas made The Onion’s A.V. Club’s pop culture gift guide. Its latest release is a Black Axe pewter replica from “Mouse Guard.” Check the studio’s website,, for prototype shots and more release details on the Artifact Archive Collection in coming months. “This year has been amazing and I couldn’t wrap 2012 in a better way,” said Skelton. “The world can’t end now — we have too much work to do.”
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