Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard

You’ll never see the woods the same.

Mouse Guard winter propsWritten and illustrated by David Petersen, and published by Archaia, “Mouse Guard” has won multiple Eisner and Harvey awards — and deservedly so. The story revolves around a band of guard mice charged with protecting their fellow mice from predators. There’s heart, daring, excellent storytelling and painstaking detail in the artwork. We can’t recommend it enough!


We made our first replica piece in 2012 of the comic’s legendary Black Axe. Cast in black nickel-plated pewter, this little weapon measures in at 4.25 inches. In 2013, we made a gold-plated version as an exclusive for SDCC that’s since sold out.

Rand’s Shield was our third installment in the Mouse Guard line. Plated in Gwendolyn's Pike Axeantique copper, the shield is about 3.4 inches long. Next up: Lieam’s Sword, which debuted in fall 2014. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, this little replica is sharp! We cast the 2.75-inch sword in gold and silver plated pewter. All of our metal Mouse Guard replicas come packed in a handmade leather pouch with a debossed Mouse Guard logo.

In 2014, we also made the first Mouse Guard plush based on the comic’s dynamic duo, Kenzie and Saxon. The former comes with a plush version of his signature staff, and Saxon comes with a plush sword. Both are equally adorable and measure in at about 9 inches tall.

In Summer 2015, the studio released Gwendolyn’s Pike-Axe and Devlin’s Shield, our first web-only, pre-order exclusive.

In 2016, we released new a Mouse Guard plush set of Sadie and Lieam. Sadie comes complete with her signature sling, and Lieam comes with his trusty sword.

We’ve got more mouse goodness in the works, so keep checking back.

Devlin's shield  Devlin's back